Become a Friend

Click here to read about the history of the Sinfonia. By becoming a friend of the orchestra you will be investing in the future of music. Your support will underpin all aspects of our work: our performances, the nurturing of talented young soloists, and the bringing of music to a diverse audience. We very much hope that you will consider Friend membership.


We are offering Friend membership at the introductory cost of just £50. If you wish to become a Friend, or have any unanswered questions about Friend membership, please send an email to:

Note that Friend membership can also be bought as a gift for another person. 

Friend benefits:

  • A free ticket to each of our three annual concerts in Cambridge, advance notice of concerts with priority booking, and a reduced purchase price for any further tickets. 

  • An invitation to attend the first half of the final rehearsal on the afternoon of each concert. For some people this may prove a more accessible way to enjoy the orchestra than a concert. 

  • An invitation to a short pre-concert talk by Howard Williams about the upcoming programme. 

  • An invitation to join online Friends' meetings with short talks from Howard Williams and opportunities to ask questions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Terms and Conditions of Friend Membership

  • Covid Statement: New Cambridge Sinfonia is committed to following the guidelines laid out by the venue where we are rehearsing and performing, which conform to current Government rules. Click here for guidelines at West Road Concert Hall, and click here for information about Downing Place URC.        

  • The cost of each Friend membership is a non-refundable donation.

  • Your membership will run for 12 months and you will benefit from priority booking for the ensuing three concerts, regardless of what time of year you become a Friend.

  • You will receive an information email within seven days of receipt of your membership application.

  • Friends can sit in on the first half of the Final Rehearsal on the afternoon of each of the three Concerts, but if asked to leave they must do so promptly.

  • No photography or video recording or recording of any kind is permitted and Friends must not interrupt the rehearsal e.g. by making a noise or moving about in a disruptive way.

  • Friends are free to leave the rehearsal at any time they choose but please do so quietly.

  • Friends are invited to a short pre-Concert talk by Howard Williams about the upcoming programme. These talks are at the discretion of Howard. 

  • Friends are invited to join online Friends’ meetings with short talks from Howard and opportunities to ask questions. Again these are at the discretion of Howard.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What steps are taken to reduce the risk of catching Covid? Please refer to the Covid Statement under Terms and Conditions above.  

  • When is the Final Rehearsal? The Final Rehearsal is on the same day as the Concert, in the afternoon.

  • Are there disabled facilities? You can find information about the facilities available at our performance venues using the links given in the Covid Statement under Terms and Conditions. If you still have concerns please contact us at We will do our best to help.

  • Can I ask questions? Please do not disturb the rehearsal; there will be an opportunity to ask questions during the Pre-Concert Talk.

  • Can I bring other people? Close family members are welcome to accompany you. Children are welcome provided they can sit quietly.

  • Can I take pictures/videos of the rehearsal? Photography, videos and any other recordings are not permitted.

  • Can I walk around? If you need to move seats or leave the auditorium for some reason please feel free to do so but please try not to disturb the rehearsal unduly.

  • I am coming to the concert, will coming to the rehearsal add anything? The rehearsal is an opportunity to see the orchestra at work in a relaxed setting without the formality of a concert.

  • Where will I sit? Please feel free to sit where you like within the audience seating, except where seating is reserved or in use by the orchestra.

  • Will there be other people? There may be other Friends present and also other people involved with the orchestra.