Clio Lloyd-Jacob


Clio has been fascinated with the alert, attentive state of musicians at play since her 20s, when she regularly drew the Tallis Scholars. Clio was introduced to the Cambridge Sinfonia by cellist, Elizabeth Juett in 2013, and has been delighted to work as artist-in-residence with them through their transition to the New Cambridge Sinfonia. Her sympathetic eye observes the relationship between individual and musical ensemble. Her compositions hold musicians absorbed within an experience beyond the self, both as individuals and ensembles.


Clio uses conté crayon, ink, wash, watercolour and mixed media in her drawings. She takes inspiration from Barbara Hepworth’s drawings of surgeons at work (1940s) and Antoine Watteau’s drawings and paintings of musicians (early 18th century).


Trained at St. Martin’s and The Slade, Clio works in painting, drawing and performance. She is currently also running creative projects with the NHS as an Art Therapist. Clio has exhibited in Britain and France within various festivals and galleries, including the Mall Galleries, London. She also currently coordinates the “Illuminations” series at Cambridge Artspace.

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