City Music Foundation’s mission is ‘turning talent into success’. They select exceptional professional musicians at the start of their careers, when managing ‘the business of music’ can be a challenge, and support them with a comprehensive career development programme. Agency and management are fundamental to CMF’s role but they also arrange mentoring, run workshops, make CDs, videos and websites, commission new music, secure airtime on BBC Radio 3 and promotion though online, print and social media, and put on their own recitals and concerts.

CMF Alumni speak of the many ways CMF has helped them during the very fragile early stages of their professional careers. Getting the necessary visibility, and developing networks, gaining recognition in the industry, having recordings and commissions – all this has allowed them to secure their careers as performers.

The aim is that CMF artists are ready for four decades or more of contributing to society’s culture and well-being – reaching hundreds of thousands of people through live performance, CDs, streaming, broadcasts, teaching and mentoring – giving back a thousandfold what CMF has given them.

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